LUXURY SUITE / Japanese-Western Style

LUXURY SUITE / Japanese-Western Style

You can't help but fall in love in no time with this most popular room in the property; not only refined modern interior as BOUROU’s signature design but a little bit of peaceful and quaint atmospheres in Japanese living will enamor you. Just lie back and indulge in reminiscences on a contemporary sofa adding both style and comfort, or try a steaming hot cup of green tea settling in a snugly compact Tatami- (Japanese straw mat)carpeted cubbyhole, breathe out a happy sigh, and you will feel exactly how Japanese people day-to-day feel at the end of the day.

For third and fourth guests to stay in this room Futon beddings are prepared. Enjoy the best part of a stay in Japanese Ryokan at night.


Room Type: Twin
Room Size: 1,077 sq ft / 100 sq m
Occupancy: 3~4 Adults or 1~3 Adults with Children over 13 Years Old
Beds Equipped: 2 beds / 47 in x 79 in / 120 cm x 200 cm each
*Futon the Japanese-style beddings are prepared for third and fourth guests.

【Room Amenities】

In-Room Onsen Bath with View
High-Speed Internet Access (Wired LAN)
DVD Player
Coffee Maker & Coffee Grinder
Air Humidifier-Purifier
Complimentary Beverages in Refrigerator
Yukata Robes, Samue Robes, Pajamas, Bathrobes
Evening & Morning Papers (except Newspaper Holidays, Japanese edition only)



The scenic baths in every room are designed to be spacious enough to enable guests to stretch out full-length. Take in the sweeping mountain view before you as you enjoy the Noboribetsu’s famous naturally-fed hot spring baths.

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