Presenting a new standard for sophisticated getaways – Focus and Background of BOUROU NOGUCHI NOBORIBETSU

A vacation is not just for fun, yet sometimes it makes a valuable opportunity to reflect on life and self.
BOUROU NOGUCHI NOBORIBETSU provides precious time and space for mature souls amidst daily busyness.



Blissful Isolation

To be a sanctuary for grownups living in a whirl of daily activities is the philosophy BOUROU NOGUCHI NOBORIBETSU has been aspiring. Every space from the entryway through the shady lobby functions as the boundary to block quotidian reality against the ultimate level of luxury.


Suite with Scenic Bath

Each guest suite with over 50㎡ of floor space, well-harmonized with the blend of tasteful design and Japanesque atmosphere is supremely comfortable enough for a long-term stay. Enjoy the luxurious escape beyond ordinary life.


Hokkaido and Noboribetsu

Takenobu Igarashi the sculptor as the creative director, and Makoto Yamanaka the architect who was responsible for the architectural design of BOUROU NOGUCHI NOBORIBETSU are both Hokkaido natives. We will continue to convey the charms of Noboribetsu to inside and outside Hokkaido with our dedication to Hokkaido we have retained from the designing to the ingredients, in BOUROU ways.

Design Concept

Modernism Meets Japanism
It considers the design concept of BOUROU NOGUCHI NOBORIBETSU as Japanese Modern that the refined modernism architecture marvelously integrates into Japanese elegance. The chemistry between contemporary design and warm ambiance wafts a sense of euphoria in your luxurious escape.

The Creators of Bourou

Since the launch of scheme about four years ago, BOUROU NOGUCHI NOBORIBETSU has made a new mark in the history of Noboribetsu under the efforts and wisdom by many people to make it all come true; especially, the attainments by the three primary creators.
Takenobu Igarashi, Sculptor, Professor Emeritus of Tama Art University
What I strove for while my engaging in designing BOUROU NOGUCHI NOBORIBETSU as the creative director were to create a luxury world on the premise of tranquility, modesty, delicacy, and dignity. The sculpture named “Streaming Sunshine” imaging nature in Noboribetsu and the transient world of light and shadow that is floating in the air freed from gravity makes a symbol of the boundary from reality to another dimension space. The logotype I designed for BOUROU NOGUCHI NOBORIBETSU giving the image of seal creates the sign of confidence and integrity this hotel a one-and-only high-end urban Onsen resort hotel in Noguchi Kanko’s hotels. I hope you enjoy the quaint, luxurious stay.
Makoto Nakayama, Award-Winning Architect
The Modern Japanese Style – the concept behind BOUROU’s architectural design presents the image of the blend between Japanese standards and contemporary ambiance to establish the Modern Hokkaido style. I sought to create comfortable spaces so as not to lose the taste of the traditional Japanese inn. To embody my motto of the importance of a space for one to feel at home, I designed the center of gravity of the windows lowered from the eyes of the guests to make them feel relaxed. The world you never get tired even after many years while coexisting with the surrounding environment is the design I drew for BOUROU NOGUCHI NOBORIBETSU.
Hideo Noguchi, President and CEO
BOUROU NOGUCHI NOBORIBETSU is the hotel different from other Noguchi Kanko hotels in terms of the concept of the design-based hotel that its atmosphere gives off the sense of our commitment to what BOUROU is supposed to be. Through the considerable contributions by Mr. Makoto Nakayama, the architect in charge of architectural design, we made a successful transition from the styles of standard Noguchi hotels. Mr. Takenobu Igarashi, the world-famous sculptor, as our creative director who also created the sculpture named “KOMOREBI(The Streaming Sunshine)” and BOUROU’s logotype also made exertions to establish this hotel. Along with their remarkable works, the arts showcased throughout the property are by the local artists of Hokkaido. In gratitude for every one of you in Hokkaido, we'd pursued the creation of a top-quality, individual-focused resort for “the two mature souls” to spend precious times alone. We wish those who've been having busy days and value love an unforgettable stay.