Spend a leisurely time doing self-care on mind and body.
The highlight of a luxury stay.

After soaking in Noboribetsu Onsen’s famous baths, soothe yourself with a skilled treatment.
In addition to the salon and reflexology menus, there is a reservable stone sauna for spouses or couples to enjoy together.
Reward yourself for all your hard work with a peaceful respite for mind and body.



There are three types of relaxation menus available in completely private rooms.
THALGO opens the doorway to beauty with unique methods

Facial and Body courses are available. Enjoy a pleasant and relaxing time with treatments using special methods performed entirely by hand.

Aromatherapy treatments relieve tension in both mind and body

This treatment menu brings peaceful sleep with the pleasing scent of aromatic essential oils. It promotes circulation and the flow of lymph, relieving stiffness and tension in the mind and body.

This fatigue-relieving menu eliminates stubborn stiffness and tiredness

Our menu of treatments eases the tension in your overstressed mind and body, promoting relaxation and boosting the metabolism. In addition to the Foot, Hand, and Head courses, there is also a Chiropractic menu that treats the whole body.


Hot relaxation to fresh yourself with a comfortable sweat

This reservable stone sauna relieves swelling, poor circulation, and shoulder stiffness, etc. by warming the body from the inside and stimulating the metabolism.